GUIDED FISHING
  This is will be a guided trip unlike any other you have experienced. With me you will bring each fish to hand, not net or gaff. If you want easy fishing this is not it. I will have to hunt to find fish and put you in position best as I can but its YOU who must deliver. Good cast and presentation usually means catching fish. Bad casting usually means NO FISH.
  I can guide 1 or 2  people for 1/2 day, full day or can make great deal on package deal.  I can’t be broken and will always outlast even the toughest. Many of my customers have caught or are hunting their 1st bonefish, permit, redfish, snook or tarpon and continue to fish with me thru thick and thin and I appreciate that. Always room for more so if you are wanting a change in pace and perspective. I have the best prices in Miami.  
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                                                                     KEYS TO SUCCESS
  It’s too late when tails are up and you can’t deliver the fly….                    
   You must be able to easily shoot 60ft of line without making the water ripple under the canoe and do it in fast fashion. You can fill a glass to the top and it wont spill a drop when I cast, any less effort and you will likely fail. False casting is a necessary evil, do as little as possible, strive to do it all in 1 false cast… if you need more than 2 false cast you are likely not ready to flats fish. I am not a certified casting instructor, I recommend Dave Olsen at the FlyShop of Miami. Once you can make the cast you will need to learn “presentation”. Casting is one thing but presentation is the real objective. I can help you on that part, it only comes from taking shots and being on the water.
                                  HIGH RISK-HIGH REWARD FISHING   NO GUARANTEE
                                                                    SWEETWATER  FISHING
 I have been fishing the Miami Airport Lakes and surrounding canal systems from shore with great results! This is much less stressful for fisherman and you fish at your own pace, not the fishes like the flats. The target species is long and varied: TARPON, SNOOK, JACKS, PEACOCK BASS, LM BASS, EXOTICS, PACU, CARP and more!!!  More fun than a barrrel of monkeys….

                                                 Cottage  Rental $75 per night  $100 for 2 people

  DIY fishing and sightseeing. You can stay in the cottage and fish on your own.  no hassle on check out time…